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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Northern China Daily Post WednesdayJanuary 16, 1430 Cutting Exploring Funds? Zheng He For 26 years, famous Zheng He explored places from Western China to Eastern Africa. Many people honor He, but not so much the government. Governmentofficials say that these voyages are costing too much, and that all of the ships are to be taken apart. The ships have traveledover 15,000 miles, 62 large ships and 250 smaller ones. People are furious, public protests are being fueled all over the Ming Dynasty. Unfortunately, Confucius officials are trying to convincethe emperor to dismantle the ships. Continuous riots are tipping the emperor's thoughts to continue the voyages. The funding shouldn't be cut. Trade with countries has beenembellished because Zheng He's voyages. Dismantling the ships will lead to stop of expansion, cutting off sea trade, and isolation. Exploring foreign lands and trading with them has helped the economy greatly. Zheng He was born in southwestChina in 1371. His birth name wasMa He, and was from a poorChinese Muslim Family. His fatherdied when He was little, so he turnedhis life to education. Learninglanguages and about the outsideworld, Ma He became a valuableaid to Chinese officials. He accompanied a young prince onseveral military mission and became good friends. The princewas soon to become EmperorYong Le. Yong Le gave Ma He thehonored surname Zheng. double click to change this header text! Huang Lee De's Seafood! We serve the highestquality seafood in allof the Ming Dynasty!Best Value Guarenteed. By Xiao Huang
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