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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1) Make sure that your are ready to leave. Create an action plan so you can learn how to be independant. If planning to have roommates,be sure they're payingtheir share of rent and have financial stability. 4) Keep in mind that having a stable job will be the base of moving out. Having to work means getting money. With the money you're making, is the money you'll be paying off bills with.Your parents won't be the ones maintaining you if you are planning on moving out. 2) Start looking at listingsonline months before moving in & figure out whatyour budget is. Try to finda place located by whereyour most to visit to savemoney for gas. 3) Make inventory of the state of the house together with the landlord. Have a parent come to help if necessary.Draft a letter contract and read through making sure that it covers things like deposit, responsibility for bills and sign it. 5) Once you have enough money, it's finally time to move in.It's always good to start off cheap to work your way up to the top and become wealthy. Be responsible with choices now that you are on your own.Parents are excellent sources to unwanted crockery,linens, pots, shelves etc. 6) Last but not least,make sure you can afford to pay all your bills once you move, that your employment is secure, and that you will have enough money to live comfortably and not struggle to pay rent, utilities, food, gas for your car, and insurance. 6 Steps to know before moving out
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