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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Immigration: What do the want? PEOPLE Benefits Drawbacks 50,000 H1-b immigrant visas is the equivalent of a $5.5 billion transfer ofwealth from the citizens of foreigncountries to the citizens of the U.S.(Stephen Moore) It costs firms in the tensof thousand of dollarsin legal and regulatorycosts to recruitan H1-b immigrant. 4 new Silicon Valley jobs for Americans are added for every additionalhigh-skilled worker 10 16% of immigrants represented the U.S.workforce with a bachelor's education largest U.S. firms founded/cofoundedby immigrants today employmore than 50,000 American workersand account for some $20 billionin U.S. output! 29% were accounted for the growthin this workforceduring the periodb/w 1995 and 2008. 40% There are legal fees and recruitingcosts for hiringimmigrants. How are high-tech immigrant workers effecting the U.S. economy? of H1-B recipients b/w2000 and 2005came from Indiawhile 10% came from China.(Dina Gereman) U.S. companies hire skilledimmigrants through theH-1B programto displace citizens withhigh salaries. 3-5% averaged difference payb/w immigrantsand native workers. 2% Unemployment rates are less than 2% in manyhigh tech jobswhich means an acute talent shortage. Benefit: We get ideas/inventionsfrom around the world.we give jobs to people from other countries.Unique and exciting about SiliconValley is that itcombines the topbrainpower from the rest of theglobe with our homegrown talent. Drawback: critics argue that togetherthey will expand an underpaid,temporary workforce that willcompete with U.S. workers. Only concern is immigrants taking U.S. jobs.
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