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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Testing High-Stake makes discuss them Instructional programs Fine Arts Summer School Accreditation ratings What makes the tests high stakes?A high stakes test can be described as having serious consequences for both the students and the schools if they are performing poorly. Repeat Grade discuss them Physical Education Diploma Denied Remedial Programs UTAHStandards of LearningCommon Core (K-6)(Utah Education Network, 2014) Math discuss them Language Arts English Science LibraryMedia Educational Tech Staff or student reconfiguration What are the legal and ethical implications for teachers administering these tests?Teachers need to take precautions to ensure the test are being administered legally and ethicall.Some of those include:oAppropriate testing environments without distractionsoOrganization or handing out and return of testing materialsoAdminister test effectivelyoStudents should not be left alone during testingoDo not correct or change students answersoMake sure proper accommodations are provided as neededoSecure testing materials at all times What ethical challenges do teachers face in preparing students for these tests?Teachers are faced with ethical dilemmas prior to testing.Some of the ethical dilemmas that they are faced with while preparing the students for a test include:Teaching the testCoaching students thru the answers prior to the testAllowing use of unauthorized sources and materials during testingParent proctors Should teachers teach to the test?I have always felt that teachers should not teach the test, as this to me does not allow the students to show what they have truly learned. It can give students the instant gratification of getting a good score, but they will struggle latter on down the road because they have nottruly learned and remembered what was being taught. References:Utah Education Network. (2014). Utah Core Standards. Retrieved 2014, from Utah Education Network: Jeneal CleggEDU/315 poor Social Science WorldLanguage
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