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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LEADERSHIP & VOLUNTEERING Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources EDUCATION 2013: Womenswear & Menswear Wholesale Apparel = 50,000 deaths to starvation or hypothermia 1918 Morgana has a natural inclination towards leadership, and brings pragmatism, strategic thinking and a positive attitude to anyorganization that she is part of. Leadership, organization, time management, communication, efficient use of resources, quick thinking, adept and comfortable with authority MARKET VALUE (aka WORK EXPERIENCE) SKILLS Cost of a loaf of bread: Nov 1923 - 200,000,000,000 D Marks Sept 1922 - 163 D Marks MORGANA CLARKE 68% of zinc ore possessed 90% improvementrate among players 26% of coalresources lost 514-299-1640 Marianopolis College 2010-2012 Liberal Arts DEC The Sacred-Heart School of Montreal 2005-2010 McGill University 2012-2015 Bachelor of Arts; Political Science major with minors in Communications and Marketing Summer Associate, May-August 2013 & 2014 2014: Wholesale Accesories STRENGTHS ACHIEVEMENTS Keen interest in travel, politics and internationalrelations, fashion, graphic and appareldesign, arts, music, advertising, PR, marketing, everythingdigital, wellness and health, tennis, and constantly following newtrends and blogs. Microsoft Office, Excel, Power Point Adobe Photoshop and basic Illustrator Fluent in French and in English, working proficiency in Spanish Strong interpersonal skills Project management & planning Building strategies mixed with creative thinking In depth understanding of social media and google trends, basic use of Google Adwords Strong presentation skills INTERESTS Summer Associate, May-August 2013 & 2014
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