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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 lunch Many Types of Heros Firefighters Definition of Hero: Someone who helps another no matter what the risk.` Paul Abarquez, a firefighter from Tehachapi California, put his own life in risk to saves a woman he didn't even know, from a burning house. Some might think, "well hey it WAS his job" but actually he didn't have to get her, because he actually thought that the heat was WAY too intense for anybody to still live. But that lady lived. Because Abarquez saved her. Cory Kalanick, a firefighter from Fresno California, attempts to save small kittens life, but sadly the kitten dies. But really the point of this video is to show the efforts of the firefighter who kept trying to save one life. kitten video In Cleveland Ohio, a officer responds to a call of help, when a woman found her two year old in their pool. The kid,Drances was found lifeless in the water, but together the woman and officer saved the kid by doing chest compression.this also shows the effort these amazing heroes do. Police "Ordinary" People Joe Chambers, a 17 year old volunteer fireman and 24 year old neighbor Dante Johnson save a police officer from his burning vehicle. The officers vehicle burst into flame after a pick-up truck hit him in an intersection. Joe and Dante got the officer out of the vehicle by pulling him out the window, because the door was jammed shut.Both the officer and the truck driver had sufferedtrauma to their heads and the officer had burns on his legs, but both people were ok.
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