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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HERNANDO CORTES Hernando Cortes Cortes was born in Medellin, Spain in 1485.He was an only child .His parents werepart of a noble family but they were not rich.When he grew older he studied Latin,grammar ,and law in Salamanca, Spain.He explored in 1521 and died in 1547. Cortes explored for Spain and his mode of transportation was boat and horse back. Cortes's goals were to...-Spread religion-Get gold and land Cortes found little gold, and the gold he did findwas melted and sent to Spain. Cortes was born in Medellin, Spain in 1485. in 1518 Hernan persuaded Velazquez, who was thengovener to make him commander of an expedition to Mexico In 1504 Cortes sailed for Dominican Republic Interesting fact: the Aztecs likedto drink whatthey called "Chocolatl" Milo & Heidi When Cortes left to battle the expedition sent to capture him, an Aztec revolt began in Tenochtitlan. Cortes returned and did what Montezuma wanted, which was to face the crowd, but the Aztecleader died from being struck by a stone. The Spanish were driven out of the city. in 1520, Velazquez sent an expedition to capture Cortes. Velazquez got suspicious that Cortes wanted all the gold in Mexico and would take it for himelf. Aztec emperor. in 1521, Cortesrearranged his forces and came back to Tenochtitlan, which fell afterthe three-month attack Cortes was officially governor and captaingeneral of New Spain In 1523. In 1528, throughout Spanish concerns that he was becoming too powerful, he had to return to Spainwhere the king restored him as captain general, but not in the position of civil governor. Cortes returned to Spain In 1541 and resigned to an estate close to Seville. Cortes died on December second,1547 overthrew the Aztec empire and won Mexico for Spain. relation ship with native Americans:-the Mayans gave him 20 women and some gold as a peace offering-they later helped Hernando conquer the Aztec empire -one of the 20 women was Cortes's mistress and interpreter and later gave birth to his son. source: Hernan Cortes: Spanish Invader of Mexico,
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