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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HEREDITY Effects of Cri Du Chat Definition: The passing on of the physical or mental characteristicsgenetically from one generation to another. Facts about Cri Du Chat Definition of Cri Du Chat: An inherited condition characterized by a mewingcry, mental retardation, physical anomalies, and the absence of a chromosome. Also referred to as the Cat Cry Syndrome. Cri Du Chat facial features of a patient with Cri Du Chat syndrome ate age od 8 monthes (A), 2years (B), 4 years (C), 9 years (D) Cri Du Chat syndrome. This shows what symptoms there are and some of the sideeffects. The chromosome that is effected is chromosome 5. This shows the chromosome of an normal 5p and a doubled 5p. Representation of how children can get infected by the disease. 1. Cat-like infant crying2. Cat-like cry in infants3.Abnormal laryngeal devoloment in infants4. Low birth weight 5. Severe mental retardation6. Small Head7. severe growth retardation8. Reduced muscle tone9. Round face10. Low set deformed ears11. Wide-set eyes12. Epicanthic folds13. Respository problems14. Feeding problems15. Scoliosis16. Cardiovascular defects17. Language delay18. Self-injury behaviors19. Communication difficulties20. Head banging21. Self biting22. Low I Q23. Creases on palm of hand24. Strabismus25. Simian crease26. Slightly short hand bones27.Malocclusion28.Hairlip29. Shuffling gate30. Cleft palate double click to change this header text! Cri Du Chat Syndrome Cites for graphs/charts: 0 I had two) Cites for Info: ml causes2 This child has Cri Du Chat syndrome VS. This is just a normalchild. http://www.ryanceacrest.com Occurs in an estimated I in 20,000to 50,0000 newborns. Caused by a deletion of the end ofthe short (p) arm of the chromosome 5 60 percent of people with cri du chatinherit the chromosome abnormalityfrom a unaffected parent. Most cases are formed in the egg or sperm Condition is very rare, usually a result of one parent carrying a rearrangement of chromosome 5, called a transloction Found in people of all ethnicback rounds, most commonin females/ Symptoms can be treated but the disease is incurable Most fatal complications occurbefore the childs first birthday. Might need expensive surgeries
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