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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HEMOPHILIA A QUICK LOOK AT THE SOMETIMES FATAL DISEASE -Excessive bleeding (for noreason in severe cases) CAUSE OF HEMOPHILIA HOW HOMEOSTASISIS EFFECTED TREATMENT SYMPTOMS Bleeding doesn'tstop No clotting factorfor blood to react to Blood vessels arecut/damaged Platelets don'tform plug forscabbing process No clotting factor to recruit collagen Hemophilia is a hereditary disease, and therefore a child must be affected at birth Lack of the clotting factorsVIII (Hemophilia A) orIX (Hemophilia B), whichare proteins. Platelets are also a key part -Prolonged nosebleeds -Large/deep bruises -Blood in urine -Swollen joints Hemophilia is a lifelong disease,but can be controlled A liver transplant could possiblyget rid of hemophilia, butcould lead to problems worsethan hemophilia Factor Replacement Therapyis an option where an IV replacesmissing clotting factors. Thisworks only temporary, and isexpensive ORGAN SYSTEMS AFFECTED The main systemdisrupted is the Circulatorysystem, but others are affectedalso, like: -Musculoskeletal system (red, achy joints-Digestive system (bleeding of gums and internal organs DIAGNOSIS A doctor could suspecthemophilia if there are patterned bruisesand bleeding. There will belots of bloodtests, includingCBC (completeblood count) Problems can be avoidedby a proper weight andlight exercise *Hemophilia affects mostlyboys, however an infected man can't pass it on to his sons,but his daughters will becarriers. The daughters sons would have a 50% chance of contracting the disease* Externalwoundsare notserious,hemorrhagesare moreconcerning
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