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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Help V.S. To kill A Mockingbird Alexis Supplee TKM and the help are both taken place in the south Hilly known as Bryce Dallas Howard and Aunt Alexandra in TKM are alike because that have the same attitude and they are very disrespectful to others.Hilly and Mrs. Merriweather are also alike because they both can be a hypocrite. Skeeters mom also known as Allison Janney is also compared to Aunt Alexandra because shetrying to change skeeter to be a lady and have a family and a good life. Skeeter known as Emma Stone is compared to Scout Finch because they are both tomboys and they dont want to mess around with the world they only want to foucus on one thing and one thing only. Skeeter is also known asAtticus finch because they are trying to do the right thing and making sure its done. the theme/messages of the movie The Help and the novel TKM is that they both have courage in both stories of what's it meaning the plots of The Help is that tea represents the fundraiserfor the black children in the family and want to know if they get enough money for them but hilly is the hypocrite in the fundraiser because she has a problem with blacks. in TKM Mrs. Merriweather is the other hypocrite in the novel because because she is going on and on about being a good Christian and practicing good Christian values when she herself is a stereotypical bigot. in the movie a slave gotten beaten up because she stole a ring from hilly, in TKM Tom Robinson gets shot 17 times because he tried to escape from prison. about the historical events they all blacks and whites are following the jim crow law. and the society is that all whites are racist and against blacks.
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