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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Heart of the Harp By Heerin Seo double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Famous harpists..Josh Layne and Marie Antoinette..Ludwig Van Beethoven composed the "Six Variations on a Swiss Song for the harp." How does it make sound? Commonly asked questions: The harpist plucks the stringsone or several at a time withthe thumb and first three fingers. How is the pitch changed? The tuning pins, the pedals,and the strings in general(depending on its thickness) changes the pitch of a harp. Sounds are amplified on the harp through the sound box, which is hollow similar to thepiano. The harpist can also pluckthe strings harder. What material is the harp made of? The first harp was made in 1720 The strings are made of sheep gut, wire, and sometimes nylon. Sitka Spruce wood is sometimes used, butthe wood depends on the type of harp as well. In ancient Ireland, the harpistswere required to evoke 3 different emotions: joy, sadness, and tiredness. Did you know...The earliest harps were develpoedfrom the hunting bow. Longer the string is (5 feet or over is longest), thelower the pitch is because the amplitude becomes smaller. How are the sounds amplified? The tighter the string is winded (if the standard pitch is too low) with the the tuners, the higher the pitch is. When the strings are plucked, there is a disturbance that creates a wave in the air that travels from the harp to your ear! There are 47 strings on a harp The sound box is used to vibrate the stringswhich amplifies the sound due to the air carried within the volume enclosed sound box. The harp is part of the string family and has brothers and sisters that produce music in thesame way. The guitar and the piano are just some instruments that are similar to the harp. The piano uses the same wood for the sound box and amplify sound using the sound box.The guitar and the harp both produce sound by plucking and strumming the strings, while controlling the tension using tuners. If the mass of the string is larger (longer/thicker), then the pitch will be lower.
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