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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Heart Murmurs .Heart murmurs are abnormal sounds during a heartbeatcycle. The abnormal soundsare caused by turbulent bloodin or near the heart. . There are two types of murmursif a murmur is innocent there isreally no treatment required.However if a heart murmuris abnormal a doctor mayprescribe a medication or if the murmur continues to worsensurgery may be required. .Heart murmurs are very common. they affect 40 to 45% of all childrenand about 10% of adults at somepoint in their lifetime. .Heart murmurs affect both male and female equally. . Most heart murmurs are harmlesshowever 4% of peoplewith heart murmurs passaway from them by cardiac arrest. . The prognosis for those who have innocent heart murmurs have a good prognosis and will generally grow out of them. But those with abnormalheart murmurs may have a worse prognosis depending on the type. .The cause for innocent heart murmurs are conditions that cause rapid blood flow to the heart like pregnancy,fever, and changes in heart structure.Abnormal heart murmurs are causedby structural problems withinthe heart like holes in the heart and endocarditis. .With both innocent and abnormalheart murmurs there may be no other obvioussymptoms except when your doctor listens to your heart. but some heart problemsymptoms are shortness of breath, sudden weightgain or loss, and chest pain/dizziness
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