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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Treatments Used: Whats a heart attack? - Sweating - Shortness of Breath 1. Stents are used to help weak arteries.Coronary Angioplasty - this is a type of procedurewhere the stent is used. An angiogram is first used to see where the blockages are. The doctors go up through the groin and go to the vessel that is clogged. Then, they blow up a balloon to open up the blocked vessel and then insert the stent.2. Bypass SurgeryIf coronary angioplasty isn't an option, thencoronary arterial bypass graft is used. During this surgery, a vein is taken from a limb, andis then put in place to go bypass the cloggedarea, therefore blood can flow in the heart. start from scratch[clears the canvas] start from scratch[clears the canvas] Heart Attacks Symptoms: A heart attack happens when a blood clot or plaque blocks the flow of blood and reduces blood flow to the heart muscle. Potentially causing the heart muscle to die due to lack of oxygen. - Chest Pains on the left side or the middle of your chest - Nausea - Dizziness These treatments are usually very effective. The mortality rate of coronary artery surgery is low, at around 2%3% (Keogh and Kinsman 2004). Prognosis: If the heart attack is caught earlyand treatment is done on the person right away, the prognosis for the future is excellent. Gettting "Heart Healthy" Again: 1. Take your medication.2. Be active, but don't take yourself over what you're comfortable with. Remember, you need to be easy on the heart.3. Watch what you eat and have a healthy diet.4. Control your blood pressure.4. Cardiac Rehabilitation: this is a program where you find out how toprevent from this happening again, and more about the heart itself. Erin Gray
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