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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to Maintain a Healthy Weight from 5 to 50 Keep healthy foods on hand Eat in and reduce fast-food and other restaurant cravings Build physical activity into your daily routine Limit household TV and computer time Get regular, physical exercise.Healthy, physical nourishment is the only way to maintain healthy weight. 2. Make Weight Loss a Family Affair Start with Small Changes Switch from soda to water Set Goals Recognize Triggers Celebrate Success Keep it Positive Be Flexible Eat fruit for snack and avoid donuts or cookies Share a small carton of popcorn at the movies Rewards help keep your family motivated - weekend picnicNo food for reward Focus on healthy lifestyle changes, rather than the number on the scale Encourage everyone to stick to the plan Have fun. Get healthy. Stick to the rule : eat BUT burn 3. OBESITY PREVENTION 4. Turn the Wheel on Unhealthy Eating Habits Stop unhealthy habits and start a healthy plate Shed a pound of fat and build a pound of muscle by swinging your arms when you walk and serve reasonably sized portions. Be smart about snacks and sweets. Don't go for convenience, instead, make time to eat the right foods. Purchase and prepare healthy snacks. Turn the TV off to practice "mindful eating" and prevent overeating. Pack a healthy and wholesome meal for school or work instead of eating from the vending machines. 5. What Does Food Provide Us With? Food provides us with energy, strength and life. Enhance the physical nourishment -let the nutrients enter your body. Removing calorie rich temptations. 1. Create a Healthy Weight Environment. Choosing more wholesome, raw colorful produce, mono/poly unsaturated fats, lean meat poultry, fish and lentils. You May Take Full Advantage of Food Benefits by: Avoiding rich, fatty sweets/desserts, processed food, empty caloric soft drinks. CALORIES Work together to maintain healthy weight! HOME SCHOOL COMMUNITY CONNECTION double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. + + = AGE Prevent Childhood Obesity Community School Home
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