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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Effect of drugs There are some Heroin affects the body's tasting crystalline powder related to Heroin can lead to addiction -Don't go into peer pressure -Rush Drug use will effect your family, your grades, your health, and your future. Heroin is mostly sold in the What is the right choice for you? morphine: a highly addictive narcotic. Heroin is a white odourless bitter- central nervous system whether is injected, snorted or smoked after it's used. and changes in the brain as well as behavior changes. in the street , people who take it don't know the strength of the drug, they get addictive that they crave bigger and bigger amounts. This may lead to an overdose and even death. positive ways to stay from drugs using drugs. -Keep a well balanced life -Examine the risk factors because it can be in your family history. -Parents should establish rules about drugs -Be a role model and a positive example -keep track of you child Activites -connect with your child's friends -Make connections with other parents too Parents can help prevent there child from using drugs by: -addiction -infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS* -Bacterial infections -arthritis and other rheumatologic problems -Infection of heart lining and values -collapsed veins Long Terms Effects -Depressed respiration -Nausea and vommitting -Suppression of pain -spontaneous abortion Short term effects There are some
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