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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 River Bluff Health Procedures If a student has caught the virus and shows symptoms atschool, we will have to follow different methods. For example, the nurses station has an isolation room to keep the student in. If River Bluff had an infectious disease, the district would have especial person just to do with media and questioning about the disease. If there is any emergencies, River Bluff must immediatly notify DHEC in order to begin the emergency plans for infectious disease in the school Due to unusual cases, and the variety of background of students in Lexington District 1, some students do not get the yearly immunizations. Having different religious beliefs can cause students to not get their required shots. Therefore, they could be carriers of the disease, or could catch the disease easier than most. In the nursesstation, the students who did not recievevaccinations required for school havea separate file. It is purposely set apartfor the sake of the safety of everyone in the school. Doing this helps the nurses know just who to be aware of. Religious Beliefs If an infectious disease were to outbreak at River Bluff High school, there are many procedures to follow. First of all, an absantee list would be taken. If more than 10% of the student body is absent due to the virus, than school will be called off. If there is any sort of breakout, the school must report to and call Lexington EMS, Lexington fire department, and DHEC. All of these organizations must be knowledgeable of our healthplan and evacuation if needed. Madison Barber, Preston Floyd, Kat Moore
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