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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 It's time to think about your health insurance. In order to avoid a federal tax penalty, you need to have qualifying insurance. Do you have on-going medical conditions which require regular treatment, tests, or prescriptions? generally healthy THREE CHOICES: Are you worried about the potential financial burden MediCal? This is your most cost effective insurance option. You do not need to enroll in a company plan. Family Size Income Cap 1 $16,105 2 $21,708 3 $27,311 4 $32,913 and so on... NO YES NO of unexpected major medical expenses? 1. Enroll in all your insurance on the state exchange.2. Enroll in the company MEC plan and get additional insurance on the exchange.3. Enroll in BOTH company plans. YES NO and interested in spending the least amount of money possible on health insurance? YES Enroll in the cheapestinsurance on the stateexchange. What are the company plans? There are two plans:1. MEC "Skinny" Plan: -Avoids federal tax penalty -Only provides preventative care2. Fixed Indemnity Plan: -Covers a fixed amount of major medical expenses -Does not meet minimum federal standardsOpen enrollment for these plans as well as for Dental, Life and other 2015 insurance runs only Dec. 3-17, 2014. A Handy Guide from UE LOCAL 1077for deciding which insurance option is best for YOU. YES Start here! I'm not sure. You have ARE YOU You can still enroll in insurance from the state exchange! Open Enrollment is open NOW through Feb. 15.Go to or call 1-800-300-1506 The Union recommends OPTION 1! DO YOU QUALIFY for Qualificationis based onannualhousehold income. Covered California will let you know if you qualify for MediCal, and if not, what your next best options will be.
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