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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 10 healthy behavior Stress managemnt Food shopping Keep drinking alcoholto a certainamount Hydrating Don't abuse unhealthy habbits sleeping habbits Monthly check up Exercising Exercising an 1 hour a day will keepyour stress levels down and keep you fromgetting over weight You should drink at least 8 bottles of water a day to keep you hydrated and beingdehydrated can makeyou sick and give youheadaches Not going to the doctorscan make a little sicknessinto a bigger sickness than and they can helpyou with problems you have Food can make you overweight and unhealthy. So buy healthy food like your fruits and vegetable Stress is a big thingso you have to exercise or go to a therapistor get a healthy habit You need 8 hours of sleep to be healthy not sleeping can causedepression or sucicidal Drinking alcohol to much can cause a lot of problems like heart and lung problems and it takes longer to some wounds to heal Habits are things you like to dobut if its a bad habit and does a badthing to your body or brain I wouldn't abuse it as much so be careful and watch how much you use and whatyou use Stretching can help preventyou're joints from getting stiffIt also can prevent stress and overall its just good for you Streaching in the morning Overall just being happy can help Being happy actually makes your stress go downand you have a lot more energy and you can make other peoplehappy
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