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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 4. Melanoma rates are lower in older women. Because men work a lot out-side. By the time they get older, the skin is really damaged. Health and mind Women are also called ´weaker´ then men..But is that true? No, not at all! Men dont pay a lot of attention to their health, women make better choices,women dont act macho and skip doctors appointment.Here are 10 benefits of being a women. 2. Women can handle pain better, they have a higher pain tolerance.Thanks to childbirth and monthly surprises. 5. Women have a better sense of smell. Women love fragrances, candles and soaps. Women have a sharper smelling sense. 1. Women live most of the times longer than men. Women have lowerrates of hart diseases compared to men. 6. Women are higher in levels of good cholesterol. That means a stronger and healthier heart. So you can almost nog develop any heart diseases 7. Women remember things better. If you get older you obviously forget more. But men at all ages are bad at remembering things. 3.Wo men have lower rates of head and neck cancers. This is just based on the sex. 8. Women are less likely to become alcoholics.Men develop and release eas-ier dopamine. That means that they get addicted easier to stuff. 9.Women dont develop belly fat that fast. Belly fat means less chances to heart diseases. 10. Women have a delayed heart attack risk. After their 50s, right after the menopause.
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