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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 On average students gain 3 to 10 pounds their first year First year students do gain weight but it might not be the full 15 pounds they've heard of Nutrition in College How much you want The First Year Most weight gain starts freshman year You chose what you want to eat: -Fries-Sugary foods-Salty late night snacks Bad eating habits developed freshman year can last a lifetime -This can lead to heart problems, high cholesterol and many other healthproblems You might not exercise as much as you did in high school for multiple reasonsDon't play a sport anymore, don't haveparents making you go outside, etc. Ike OsbunJess SchmitzHealth 2 However, some weight gained can be normal because of regular body growth Outcomes Free to eat whatever you want Whenever you want Independance The Downside Also, without the proper nutrition you would regularly receive in high school, one can feel more tired and concentration can suffer. But don't freak out over a little gained weight! "It may be tempting to go for the easy fix, like skipping meals or trying the latest fad diet. But these approaches don't work to keep weight off in the long run." It can be solved by cutting as little as one soda per day to make a difference "Freshman Fifteen"
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