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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Environmental Effects Of Going To The Mall The Environmental Effects Of Going To The Mall This Way To The Mall2.5 km Square One Shopping Center13 km Positive Aspects Of Shopping- you have gotten something new to wear/use.-you can get noticed for wearing something new.-your walking around burning calories.-if you live close you can walk to the mall.-having all stores in one place reduces your carbon footprint.-there will be better management of waste. Negative Aspects Of Shopping- used a lot of energy to make.- may have killed animals to make outfits to sell-hurt land by putting up a factory to make the items- alot of pollution to drive- forest and trees get cut down, which means less oxygen Square One Shopping Center10 km 75% of Americans go to the mall at least once a Are plastic bags really necessary? its going to have a huge economic impacts, not having the mall in Square One Shopping Center5 km instead of taking your car to the mall, find a shopping mall close to you and walk.don't use plastic bags, bring your own reusable ones with you!instead of taking 2 cars, go in the bus or walk!instead of taking your car, use the bus to reduce pollution.Instead of just walking around the mall, go if you really need to get something.don't go to the mall everyday, make a list of what you need and go at the end of every month. By: Hayley Bilyk The main idea of this info graphic is to show the effects of going to the mall. Alternative Options of going to the mall
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