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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Penny From Heaven By:Jennifer L. Holm double click to change this header text! The setting of the storyis in New Jersey In 1953. pesky/page204/-causing trouble; annoying innocent/page212/-not guilty of a crime or offense Main Events *Penny's uncle, Dominic, livesin a car on the side of her house.*Veronica is a bully to Penny she talked about her behind her back. She would teases and make fun of how Penny looked.*Frankie's dad lost his jobso they can't afford their basic needs such as shelter,clothing, and food. Frankie robbed a church in hopes of helping his family.*In 1953 they used wringerto clean their clothing. Once she was cleaning clothes and she got her arm got stuck while it was going. That caused her arm to deform.*Penny has always wonderedabout her father's death. When she was in the hospital she fought out he didn't die because of sickness, he died because World War 2 Italians still didn't have the same right as others in the U.S. Conflicts The conflicts of the story is that Penny is constantly struggling with her fate. She has lost her father and living with consequences of this touches every part of her life. ClimaxThe climax of the story is whenPenny gets herarm stuck in awringler and it deformed her arm and she had to go to the hospitial. ThemePenny lost her father at very young age in fact she barely remembers him at all. Most of what she knows is from both sides of her family.But no one seems to know a straight answer. She finds herselfspeculating about it more and more. She wonder about death and what heaven is like but she has no intentions of finding out about it until she is hundred years oldor more. Main character- Penny Static.......because she changesher feelings toward her father death. stammer/page28/-a tendency to stammer dictation/page11/-the action of saying words aloud to betyped written down or recorded on tape genevieve/251/-is a German baby name Haylee Boren
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