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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Footprints I Make on Earth Ecological Footprint. Food (22%) Shelter (14%) Services (40%) Mobility (16%) Goods (8%) Breakdown of my Ecological Footprint If everyone lived just like I did on here, then we would need Earths! If everyone lived like i did, this means we are using 21.06 Global Acres of Land! This also leads to 20.5 Tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)! Carbon Footprint Water Footprint As you see in this Carbon Footprint of me, i use most of this carbon on Home and Energy combined 0 30 60 Home + Energy Driving + Flying Recycling + Waste Food + Diet As compared to America/USA itself,,, The USA itself has 6% of the worlds popluation, yet it makes 1/3 of the worlds trash/garbage, isnt that a lot for a small amount of people? 0 25 50 Home + Energy Driving + Flying Recycling + Waste Food + Diet The USA emits over 26 gigatons of Carbon Dioxide and also other gases into the atmosphere every year. We also use 148,920 gallons of water everyday as well so the temperature keeps going up and up and we cant stop this, unless we do something! Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has For my home i use a average of 85.2 gallons of water, and the average for the USA is over 100 gallons, difference of 14.6 For the amount of food i do eat, i use up 689 Gallons of water! Its a lot in my opinion, but if this keeps up, who knows what may happen! For the amount of energy i use at least 1297 gallons of water to drive where i want to go, this also helps run engines that run on gas and also it helps out a lot
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