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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Harry Houdini (Ehrich Weiss)1874-1926 By: Hailey Noland 7th Hour MagicianSpecializes in Escapes and the Super NaturalDied of Appendicitis Married to Bess HoudiniNo children Friends: I went to a music show at the cotton club! It wasn't very nice because it was all white people in the club with black music, yet black people weren't allowed. There were many black people out on the street in front of the club. I don't approve of the white black segregation and I invite every race to my shows. I got myself a radio! I can listen to music, sports, and ads for other businesses. Maybe I could advertise one of my shows on the radio! Then people all across America would know all about them, and come see me. I was able to afford the Model T car! Now I don't have to ride in carriages, or walk everywhere. Thanks to the assembly line created by Henry Ford people all over America have affordable cars. This process made cars easier to make and faster also, there are more jobs for Americans. What an improvement! I saw a bunch of women voting! I think it's just the bee's knees that in this day and age women can vote, run for office, go to school and look for jobs out side of the house. They can even perform in shows like mine for a living! I bought myself a washing machine. The assembly line created by Henry Ford made efficient and fast ways to create products not just cars. It also made prices more affordable. Many Americans now have washing machines too! Washing my Handkerchiefs are much easier now. I find prohibition or the ban of alcohol created by the 18th amendment awful and it's got me all in a lather. Some folks are irresponsible with alcohol but not me. I enjoy my drinks every once and a while and many folks feel the same. There has been riots and there's illegal selling of alcohol called bootlegging. If anything this new amendment has caused more trouble. Today I attended a bears football game! Since jobs now have better hours people of all ages can enjoy leisure activities like going to the football games. The game was good, they won! So many people attended the game, and football is becoming so popular. I just hope folks will still be interested in my magic shows! I saw Charlie Chaplin's new silent movie and boy was it entertaining. There was many people in the theater of all ages and we all attended for just 5 cents! My leisure time is sure being well spent. After the movie I headed over to a diner down the street with Bess and a couple friends in our Model T! What a night. Buster Keaton Louis Armstrong Zora Neale Hurston LIKES: washingmachine Model T Liked Ads: Men's Fedoras 20% off $5 dollars off Sally's flapper haircuts New! Perrin Anti-Rip Driving Gloves Sources Pictures:
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