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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Orlando, FL: St. Petersburg, FL: Cities all across the U.S have policies regarding homeless people. Some criminalize people experiencing homelessness while others are taking a more progressive approach Harmful vs. Helpful Los Angeles, CA: Seattle, WA: Portland, OR: Cleveland, OH: In 2007, L.A spent $6 million for extra police officers but only $5.7 million total for homeless services.During the 11-month period, 24 people were arrested 201 times, many for jaywalking and loitering On January 19, 2007 police and fire officials raided two homeless camps after giving residents a week's to relocate. During the raid,police destroyed and slashed tents,ruining almost 20 In 2006, Orlando City Council passed a law that restricted groupssharing food with 25 or more peoplefrom doing so more than twice a yearin each of the public parks covered by the ordinance. A member of a food-sharing group was arrested for serving food to a group of 30 people The 1811 Eastlake Project provides supportive housing for75 homeless people living withchronic alcohol addiction. The program saves the county $2.5million/ year by reducing residentsmedical, jail, and shelter expenses A Key Not a Card program enables outreach workers at various agencies to offer permanent housing immediately to people living on the street. From 2005-2009, 936 individuals in 451 households have been housed through the program The City of Cleveland contracted with the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH) to bring individuals and groups who serve food to homeless people together to talk about how to improve services.NEOCH coordinated a disjointed food sharing system withthe goal of eventually moving all the food providers indoors
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