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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hamlet vs. Lion King Simba becomes KingScar stays singleMufasa doesn't ask to seek revenge. Simba had two best friendsSimba killed scar and becameking. Fathers die.Sons are upset.Revenge takes place.Mothers fearful for sons. Hamlet Dies. Claudius marry's his mother.Hamlet Sr. wants revenge.Hamlet was being spied on.Hamlet killed Claudius but diedin the process. .These two stories have alot in common. It is not hard to see why. . Many of the same events occur. In Hamelt you see a Father killed just like the Lion King. Not only that but you see Sons who are confused and not exactly sure what to do. I believe that they are a remake of each other. Just the way in which the character can relate to each other the way they do. Hamlet and Simba have an awful lot in common. They both in a way are kicked out of their Kingdoms, Simba more so than Hamlet. You see the slow decline of a relationship which both Hamlet and Simba experience. Obviously they arnt both the exact same but the similaries are absoluetly incredible. After watching the directors and other people involved in the making of Lion King talk about how the two are incorparated you really start to not only see but understand the similarites. Its interesting how they can creat a story so similar that still has so many different characteristics. I think Simba was more swift in trying to get reveng. At least he attacked on his own. Hamlet kind of let it come to him. The Lion King definitley has more of a happy ending as well. Instead of everyone dieing Simba actually got to live and marry his childhood sweetheart. Hamlet was more dark with his own death as well as his girlfriend Opphelias. But in the end the basic aspects of Hamlet are very visible in Lion King which is why i beleieve the lion king is basically the cartoon Hamlet. Prominent Characters: Lion King Simba- kings sonMufasa-King Simbas FatherPumbaa- friendly warthogScar- mufasas brotherNala- Simbas close playmateTimon-Friendly meerkatSarabi- Simbas MotherRafiki- Friendly MonkeyZazu- Friendly Bird Prominent Characters: Hamlet King Claudius- Hamlet Sr. BrotherHamlet- Hamlet Sr. SonOphelia- Hamlet GirlfriendPolonius- Ophelia FatherGertrude- Hamlet MotherLaertes- Student in ParisRosencrantz and Guildenstern- Spy on hamlet. Hamlet/Lion King Theme The theme of Hamlet and Lion Kingis good vs. evil. In both stories their is a good king and an evil brother who wants to take over the kings throne. It then becomes thesons or princes problem to deal with it and seek revengewhich woud be hamlet/simba
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