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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ? Currently, there are 2014, 183 5,004 Members Only 2288 1273 Invite Only Unlisted 616 827 Groups with 1,000 members or more: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Communities of Practice in Pulse Communities on PULSE ON! Pulse itself is one big community, made up of many others including team sites, organizational news spaces, communities of practice, and networks.While the numbers below reflect "current state", keep in mind that there is an ebb and flow to community creation, so these numbers will fluctuate daily. To learn more about creating a CoP, visit the CoP Resource Center on Pulse via the Groups menu, then click on the Learn icon. DID YOU KNOW Open Groups # # # groups in Pulse In 145 177 172 262 183 169 255 233 184 242 207 170 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec There are an average of 200 groups were created every month. Here is the breakdown: # Campus RecruitingPlano Fitness CenterCredit CollegeProject Mangement CoPHispanic NetworkCapAbilities NetworkData Technology Strategy (DTS) Dash - Capital One 360 SalesThe Business Intelligence PortalCEMP - Customer Experience Measurement ProgramHow Do I Request - Application Info & Request PortalAfrican American NetworkMobilityHVS DisputesDelivery TransformationQuick Tools 2.0Client and Service Support (Commercial Operations)EmpowerDesktop Video Top viewed groups of 2014 ApplicationsApply for Jobs and Refer a FriendCapital One UniversityTechnology HelpHR ResourcesBenefits (U.S.)Food Service (Catering and Menus)CompensationAssociate Recognition ProgramsCareer Development CenterUS CardPerformance Management Top viewed spaces of 2014 1743 Groups have been removed via our Pulse Advocate Community The Analyst Development ProgramAsian NetworkTechnology OperationsWindows 7 Official Upgrade Site African American NetworkWomen's Network3D Innovation ChallengeGreen SolutionsRichmond Women's NetworkSpecialty RecruitingEmpowerMilitary NetworkParent ConnectionLGBT NetworkLeadership Roadmap inventory and clean up process Building your membership canhelp your group thrive! If youmanage a group in Pulse, be sure to check out the Checklistfor Group Administrators inthe Getting Started space. Thischecklist provides suggestions for engaging your membership to ensure adoption and longevity of your group.
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