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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "At a time of... worldwide economic difficulties, the conventional educational establishment seems oddly blind solutions for making education not only better but more affordable, accessible to far more people in far more places" (Khan 181). 2004: Khan starts tutoring his cousins using Yahoo Doodle and creates his own practice problem generator. 2006: Postsfirst YouTube video. 2009: Co-ran an engineering camp focused on realworld applications and ordered chaos(group learning). Beliefs:Students should teach each other to gain a deeper understanding. Beliefs: Memorization without understanding,too many standardized tests, too focused ongrades rather than content. Mastery Learning:Curriculum not based on timebut achievement. Beliefs: Schools arbitrarily follow the system of divided subjects and class periods.Teachers have to rush through different modules to keep schedule. "They'd dutifully sat inclass and let the concepts wash over them; they'd expected to learn by osmosis, but it hasn't quite worked outbecause they'd never really engaged" (Khan 186). The One World School House By Salman Khan 2007: Uses Academy lessons at Peninsula Bridge Camp. Filled in Swiss cheese learning by starting at the bottom (1+1=2). "Conventional education with its emphasis on rote memorization, artificially sequestered concepts, and one-size fits all curricula is geared to narrowly toward test taking" (Khan 180). "The school I envision would embrace technology... as a means to improve deep conceptual understanding, to make quality education far more portable, and to humanize the classroom" (Khan 251). Mastery Learning:Technology providesindividual student paced learning. Mastery Learning: Teachers serve as guides and mentors rather than lecturers. Salman Khan, the founder of The Khan Academy, has three degrees from M.I.T. and an M.B.A from Harvard.
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