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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE GREAT MIGRATION What Was the Great Migration? What Were the Changes in Population? Causes of the Great Migration Effects of the Great Migration The Great Migration is the relocation of more than 6 millionAfrican Americans from the South to the cities in the North.This had a huge effect on urban life in the US. Many blacks were forced from their homes and headed North. The blacks soon tookadvantage of the need for industrial workers. In the 1920's, about 800,000 African Americanshad moved North. Following that, in the 1930's,398,000 African Americans had moved North. There were many causes of the Great Migration. For example:*Blacks believed that if they migrated, they would get full citizenship in the North, unlike the South, where they did not.*The blacks left their homes eager to get away from segregation in the South.*Blacks were in search of better jobs, higher wages, and more political opportunities. The Great Migration had a huge effect on the United States. For example:*In the South, the cotton market reduced because of all of the blacksthat were moving North.*It led to the Harlem Renaissance, which was a period of black artistic expression.*Slowly, there was more political activism amoung African Americans.
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