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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 E-PAPERCHARGE LEVEL [100%] Jay Gatsbys dream as a young boy was to become wealthy and later to marry Dasiy. Thorughout his life his dream became an obssion. CYBERPUNK. 1981 2001 - The Blade RunnerSeries exposes the newlyborn Cyberpunk genre tothe masses. Gatsby meats Dan Codyand works for himuntil Cody's death. THERUSSIAN PERESTROIKA When the Wold War 1 is over,Gatsby doesn't come backand Dasiy later marries Tom. Gatsby was born poor andhe dreams of persuseshis dreamto become wealthy. and he ran away. While still poor, Gatsby joins the Army and he meets Daisy and fallsin love with her and he becomesdetermined to get her. 1969 - "The Day the Earth Caughton Fire", a film where earth is thrown out of orbit due to excessive nuclear testing. 1979 - "Mad Max", a film wherethe world runs out of oil, leadingto total chaos and civil unrest. POST-MODERNSCI-FI (1960) 1980 - TODAY After becomingwealthy, he movedbought a house in West Egg because it was right acrossthe bay from Dasiy's house. In 1981, Bruce Bethkerreleaseshis short story "Cyberpunk", which is thefirst time anybody usesthe term. the beginningof the end forthe Cold War William Gibson releaseshis SPRAWL seriesin 1981, which becomes the first official cyberpunkbook series. ALIENSBECOMEPOPULARTOPICS POST-MODERNIST DYSTOPIA HIGH-TECH, LOW LIFE CYBERNETICS REBELLION The Great Gatsby "His parents were unsuccessful farmpeople - his imaginationhad really never acceptedthem as his parents at all." "The truth was that Jay Gatsby of
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