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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Engineer & Operations Owner &Management double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. = your company's pumpers GreaseBook outfits your entire pumping crew with iPads. Admin $9 well/mo. $5 well/mo. Stripper Wells "The Cloud" No software to set-up or maintenance required. GreaseBook stores your production information and run ticket images on the cloud. GreaseBook is a plug-and-play solution. Just turn your iPad on, and your production data populates from the cloud.No server. No updates. No fuss. No ContractsNo Training FeesNo Set-Up FeesFree Help Desk CallsNo Bull-ogna oh yeah... No cell coverage in the field? PUMP MORE OIL.WASTE LESS TIME.MAKE MORE MONEY. * High(er) Flow Wells No problem. GreaseBook was designed to work in zero-connectivity environments. * avg time to train a 65 y/o pumper? 4 minutes. Create "Proactive Pumpers". No doubt management of the oil field requires judgement and intuition based upon experience. GreaseBook doesn't "take over" decision making, but it does take care of the computation and dissemination of your production information between employees.By alerting your Pumpers of any inconsistencies in the field, GreaseBook forces them to learn to be effective decision-makers. And, making effective decision-makers of Pumpers enables engineers and ops management to break free from the daily minutiae of the oilfield. - Push 99% of all field-related admin duties to the field- Pumpers use the iPad camera to capture images of run tickets in the field. GreaseBook then ties each image to its respective lease, and stores it in the cloud. Never track down or file a greasy, torn run ticket again.- Never call to remind your pumpers to "get their data in"- Sip coffee while GreaseBook reconciles your monthly oil purchaser statements with total bbls sold. Ancient wisdom says "Know Thyself." GreaseBook says "Know Thy Time." The executive's time tends to belong to everyone else. Don't be held captive to the organization. GreaseBook frees executives from the confines of the office, to which they are condemned due to the absence or tardiness of reliable information. GreaseBook quantifies events in the oil field, then notifies the appropriate individuals. Check your production assets from the road (or the lake, or the duck blind). Don't fritter away time "operating". Instead, focus on what's important: contributions and results. AS FEATURED IN
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