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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Law of Universal Gravitation FCAT Standard 11SC.8.E.5.4 Explore the Law of Universal Gravitation by explainingthe role that gravity plays in the formation of planets,stars, and solar systems and in determining their motions.Also, explore the Law of Gravity by recognizing that every objectexerts gravitational force on every other object and that the force depends on how much mass the objects have and howfar apart they are. Newton's Law Newton's law of universal gravitation statesthat any two bodies in the universe attracteach other with a force that is directly proportionalto the product of their masses and inversely proportionalto the square of the distance between them Vocabulary Gravity- the force that attracts a body towards the center of the Earth,or toward any other physical body having mass.Force- strength or energy as an act of movement against somethingMass- body of matter with no definite shape(Earth's) Gravitational Pull- the attraction that the Earth puts on an object or that an object puts on EarthMotion- the action or process of moving or being movedSolar System- the collection of eight planets and their moons in orbit around the sun, together with smaller bodies in the form of asteroids, meteoroids, andcomets Reasoning Isaac Newton, among his many Laws, was the originalscientist who brought up the idea of the gravitational pull.The way this happened was that Newton was sitting underan apple tree one day, and an apple fell on his head. Newtonwondered why the apple fell down and didn't go up or justfloat. This led to many studies on the topic of UniversalGravitation. In a nut shell, the theory is that the gravity ispushing down on us so we don't float or fall off the Earth.Gravity keeps the planets in orbit, it plays a big part in theway our solar system is set up. The force of gravity each object has depends on how much mass that object has andhow far apart the object and whatever is being gravitated.Gravity is the whole reason the Universe is able to function.
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