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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What age are you? Do you know who created first evidence of written Human Rights? What did they call Human Rights in the beginning? Who fought publicly for Human Rights? How many world wars did it take for Human Rights to be created? What event led to creating the first bill of Human Rights? Why do we needHuman Rights? Did you like this survey? We wanted to know thisinformation because wewanted to know ifyounger people rememberwhat they learned in school,compared to older people. 2 people said Eleanor Roosevelt. 1 person said Napolean. 0 people said Winston Churchill. 3 people thought Cyrus the Great. The correct answer was Eleanor Roosevelt. Legend -Percentages of question number 1.Under 25 got 10%. in between 25 and 35 got 10%.35 and up got 80% 1 person thought Human Rights. 1 person thought Human Law. 4 people thought Natural Law. The correct answer was Natural law. So far older people seem like they remember more. Although there have been many wars that have changed theperspective we see Human Rights there have only been two official world wars. The other wars have definitely advanced the point of view on Human Rights also. First of all the Magna Carta is not a person it is in fact a charter describing what needs to be in place for Human Rights People agreed that Human Rights existto keep us safe, it'sreally all about the golden rule which exists in all places and all religions of the world. They're options were because they exist, because they keep us safe, because were safe so they must exist or, because sidney crosby exists. How many people thought that (bottom) they're options were (far left) Thank you to the person who was honest and said I don't know because if you didn't it would skew our data. Results: 3 people thought our survey was great! 2 people thought our survey was okay! 1 person thought our survey was bad! 0 people thought our survey was very bad! -Percentages of question number 2. Eleanor Roosevelt got 30%.Napoleon got 20%. Cyrus the Great got 50%. Winston Churchill got 0% -Percentages of question number 3. Human Rights got 15%. human law got 15%. Natural Law got 70%. -Percentages of question number 4. 2 world wars got 80%.4 world wars got 10%. 6 world wars got 10%. -Percentages of question number 5. Napoleon got 0%. Magna Carta got 0%. Nelson Mandela got 50%. Cyrus the Great got 16.5%. Hitler got 16.5%. Mahatma gandhi got 16.5%. All together that makes 99.5% and if you round that it makes 100%. -Percentages of question number 6. Because they keep us safe got 90%. Because were safe so they must exist got 0%. Because sidney crosby exists got 0%. Because they exist got 10%. -Percentages for question number 7. World war 2 got 80%. I don't know got 10%. World war 1 got 10%. -Percentages for question number 8. Great got 50%. Okay got 30%. Bad got 20%. Very bad got 0%. The Cyrus Cylinder was written in Persian. It was an old clay cylinder that states the life of Cyrus the Great. Fact: Fact: in 1930 Mahatma Gandhi led the Salt March to protest British rule. They walked 240 miles and more than 60.000 people were arrested in the March.
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