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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 vs Me My Grandma This infographic will tell the differences between me and when my grandma was the same age. We both have different cultures, ideas, technology and exsperences but one is not better than the other. Today I use things like imessage,email, phones, letters, steam, skype, and other things. Unlike letters, most of my communication is instant and made it so i don't have to communicate with people as much. this has inturn left me less social with people. This has also created a large world wide same identity, just a teen. In my Grandma's age lettersand the telephone was the only form of communication they could use. This in turn caused people to meet up more and coordinate their movements. This made more of a social commnity. Comunication Comunication Problems Faced as a Teen Problems Faced as a Teen The problems my Grandma faced, some are still some what present. Passing school, jobs, and other things but also things like the cold war, the race to the moon, or mandatory curfews. These problems and challenges shaped the life of my grandma . the problems i have are similar to my Grandmas, passing school, getting jobs, and similar things. the other problems like global warming, corporate greed, or smaller things like getting games, devices, the threat of drugs, and pressure to buy. This has had the effect of reliance on other people. But I also mature much faster. Culture Culture When my grandma was my age popular things were rock and roll, Elvis, Movie Stars and the radio. music and movies where popular cause that was the fastest and was everywhere. Today popular culture includes video games, thugs & gangsters, selfies, hashtag, natural stuff, art, and much more. Due to todays ability to communicate instantly, information, ideas, and vows can start thing in only days. this has led to multiple self centered views and crazes appear. VS.
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