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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Outstanding school-level successes Graduation rates for specific sub-groups ofstudents have soared. Growth overthe past five years (noted in green arrows) was strongest for: PC upgrades/ server migration 18% improvement for black students Osseo: 71% Minnesota: 60% Over the past five years (2010-2014), Osseo Area Schools has delivered significant gains in on-time graduation rates. This report shares highlights in the four-year graduation rates for student groups at the district and school level for the Class of 2010 through the Class of 2014. Four-year (on time) graduation rates are reported as calculated by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). MDE also reports Five- and Six-Year rates (allowing for one or two more years for students to graduate beyond their senior year). Strong improvements in student sub-groups From 2010-2014, on-time graduation rates rosefrom 81% to 86%. 14% improvement for Asian students Black students American Indian students Asian students Free/Reduced Lunch students Park Center Senior High Osseo Senior High Maple Grove Senior High 16% 12% Preparing the World's Best Workforce:Improving On-Time Graduation Rates 2010-2014 12% On-time graduation rates for white students are high districtwide (92%), and exceed the state average of 86%. Osseo Area Schools serves the third-highestnumber of students of color in the state. 20% improvement for black students 100% on-time graduation for Asian students 17% improvement for black students Osseo: 77% Minnesota: 66% Osseo: 91% Minnesota: 82% Osseo: 73% Minnesota: 51% Higher on-time graduation rates for students whoparticipate in American Indian Education Program. 02/24/15 22% improvement for Free/Reduced Lunchstudents Hispanic students Osseo: 71% Minnesota: 63% Free/Reduced Lunch students Osseo: 77% Minnesota: 66% 16% 24% improvement for Hispanic students 20% improvement for English learners 8% improvement for Free/Reduced Lunchstudents Five-year trend highlights:
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