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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 House of Represenatives Senate General Assembly Municipal Courts County Courts of Claims Court of appeals Court of Common Pleas Governor Attorney General Auditary Treasurer Secretary Lieutenant Governor Boards and Commissions Cabinet Offices Ohio's Government Legislative Executive Judicial Supreme Court My main duty is to make laws My main duty is to make sure laws are enforced. My main duty are to settle disputes and laws. Hello my name is Keith Faber and I am the Senate President of Ohio. My name is Maureen O'Connor and I am Chief Justice of Ohio My name is John Kasich and I am the Governor of Ohio Office of Governor Federalism is an idea that we have applied to our own system of government. Power is divided for local state and national levels. Seperation of Powers Seperation of Powers Represenative Government Federalism This is an example of checks and balances Police have to have a search warrant to search peoples' property, this is an example of limited government. There are many ways in which Ohios government balances our individual freedoms and our personal freedoms with order. An example would be that different branches can override one another. This is true because for example, if the executive could override the legislative branch but the legislative branch couldnt override the executive branch than that would lead to too much power for the executive branch. Too much power could lead potentially lead to too much order whereas when they have the ability to override each other it has a blend of freedom (chaos) and order balancing the two out. Another example would be that we have laws and a bill of rights. Laws allow there to be order kept in Ohio and to prevent there from being too much order we have the bill of rights to allow freedom. The fact that we have laws and the bill rights is very important because once again, that balances our freedoms with order. One of the freedoms the Bill of Rights allows us to have peaceful protesting as it says in Article 1 The people have the right to assemble together, in a peaceable manner, to consult for the common good;... One of the things that allows order is a law that you have to be 16 or older to drive. Keeping balance between our freedoms and order is very important because it allows us to live in a society where all are equal and that is one of the things that is how we keep order and freedom in Ohio. State Local National Work Cited
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