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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Are permanent legislativepanels established by the United States House of Representatives and UnitedStates Senate rules. Pocket veto meaning an indirect veto of a legislative bill by the president or a governor by retaining a bill unsigned until its to late for it to be dealt with during the legislative session How A Bill Becomes Law 1st. reading is when a bill is introduced toa legislature It is sent tostanding committee Committee has options to pass the bill or not, kill it,or pigeonhole it meaning its held in committee House only sent to rules committee "Traffic Cop" The bill than reaches the floor,it receives its second readingin the house. Many bills the house passes are minor ones, with little or no opposition. General debate beginssection by section Debate begins with sponsor after the third reading has been ordereda bill may be amended with a two-thirds majority vote for adoption.There is still a vote on the final passage. After third reading thereis a vote on the bill takesa simple majority (50% +1) After a vote the billis sent to other chambers. A conference committee is a committee of thecongress appointed by the house of representativesand senate to resolve disagreements on aparticular bill Finally it's sent to the presidentof the United States there's four options he can do with the bill Sign it and it becomes law Veto it which means the bill dies but can be overridden with a 2\3 vote in both chambers Sometimes the bill can be held meaning if the president doesn't sign it within 10 days the bill becomes law without a signitature
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