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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cities Disadvantage- Pollution in the air from cars burning fuel, factories and industries Disadvantage-The city was builton the homes of many native plants and animals It's real GOOFY! Disadvantage- For people living in the inner city overcrowding and rising house prices may be a problem.For those living on the edge of the city lack of schools and hospital may be a problem. Disadvantage-As the city population grows the city expands causing farmland and green spaces at the edge into residential areas.This affects the environment and the people. The City The Country This is all very bad for the environment forests, grassland,lakes and wetlandsare drained and builtover. All these naturalfeatures are beingdemolished, animalsare being endangered and driven away Some diadvantages experienced by some people are traffic build up, rises of cost in housing,goods and services, waiting for medicare transport etc and higher crime rates. Some Advantages for people living in the city are: easy access to work,industry, trade and income. Their is a wide range of jobs offered in the city. You don't get to keep horses, cows and pigs in the city! Advantage-For buisnessesit is easier to sell there item because the have a huge amount of customers in a small space Cities has been the birthplace of inventions such as skyscraper, subways, elevators and sewage systems, telephones computers, internet,computers and cameras.Cities allow individuals and organisations to share ideas. There is easy acces to schoolshospitals and entertaiment.
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