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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Volcanoe s Volcanoe s Damage done by volcanoes! Why do people live near volcanoes? What is a Volcano? What can be done to minimise the effect of volcanoes? People live near volcanoes because there are good soils,precious minerals,tourism and geothermal energy (used to create electricity). People that live next to volcanoes don't get worried because scientists can monitor when a volcano will erupt. What causes a volcanic eruption? What can people do to prepare for a volcano eruption? Volcanoes can damage anything in there way.They wreck buildings, wildlife, local vegetationand posing health risks as well as the atmosphere.The ash that erupts from the volcano can make itdifficult for an airplanes navigational system, so theyusually stop flights or turn the plane back in case an accident may happen. A volcano is amountain that opens downward to a pool ofmolten rock (magma) below the surfaceof the earth. An eruption occurs by 4 main reasons:- Density difference in magma- Release of magmatic gases- Injection with new magma in already filled magma chamber- Convergence and divergence of tectonic plates Even though lava and ash are impossibleto stop, scientists can monitor when a volcano will erupt so they can warn the citizens. People can be informed in advance in case of potential eruption which can allow them to evacuate. Emergency services can help injured people. People should follow the advice of local officialshow to prepare for a volcanic eruption; be preparedeither to shelter or to evacuate; prepare an emergencykit with the basic stuff needed to survive in case of aneruption such as emergency food, water, flashlight,extra batteries, first aid kit, essential medicines, sturdy shoes, breathing protection, goggles anda battery-powered radio. Few days ago a new island at about 500m across and 250m high has been formed in the South Pacific after the eruption of an underwater volcano started in December 2014 in Tonga. Interesting fact!
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