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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Race EQ Segregation Reconstruction Race is based on the differentcultural &nationality of a group of people with different skin colorwhich are stereotyped. Thosepeople will being control side or obey side dependent on the values,power & authority. Lorem Do you know what is race? It influence american culture because whole world advocatethe freedom & all people areequal. But history's race definitionmakes people separate black & white also make black people being slavery, thought their also have white slavery but black didn't have choice and their right. This break the advocate and left the stain. (Scrub me mama) Shows acartoon that black freedmenare lazy, fight for no reason, bad parents; essentically it shows a bunch of stereotypes because it shows how whites are better than blacks. It puts down black culture. (KKK)Shows a movie thatwhite people fight back theblack people for their right and justice. Also their have part of black people join withthem, it show even though theyare at same cultural but theirstill have people stand on the right way. Strange Fruit Shows how unfair & unjusticeof black people, they were beingbeaten and lynching by whitepeople but they can't said a word. Heart ofDarkness Shows white people saw black peopleas monstrous, ghost, not human and outbreak in a madhouse, they want to leave them away but catch them as they catched monster and save the world. BY: Xiao Li &Syed hossain Today now there is no matter about the skin color, every people are equal. They can do the things they want by following the laws. Also the viewof race are different language, country, culture, and nationality. Because blackpeople certificate that they can do the same things as white people. Period: 7
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