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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Glycerol References - Reduces Dehydration- Improves Physical Exercise- Aids in Thermoregulation in body Efficacy and Usefulness Price Claims Glycerol is proven to be effective in retaining water and promoting hydration in the body. It's impact on the body can causenausea, blurred vision, and its damaging effects on renalfunction. Alternatives thatcan be used in place of glycerol include sportsdrinks and water consumption to promotehyperhydration in the body. Mehmet, P., & Husrev, T. (2011). Effects of glycerol-induced hyperhydration on cardiovascular functions and endurance performance in athletes during the course of treadmill exercise performed at high temperatures. World Applied Sciences Journal, 12(7), 1114-1124.Robergs, R. (1998). Glycerol hyperhydration to beat the heat? Sports Science Training and Technology.McCullagh, J., Munge, J., Weerakkody, N., & Gamble, K. (2013). Physiological and performance effects of glycerol hyperhydration for world championship distance duathlons in hot conditions. International Journal of Medical, Health, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Engineering, 7(7), 89-93. Cost of Glycerol Supplements: 1-16 ounce container cost $10-$17 Large container (400 grams) including Creatine, Glycerol, and Phosphate costs around $30.00. Glycerol is known as a thermoregulatoryagent in the body. Glycerol has been shown to decrease cardiovascular strain by increasing cardiac outputand plasma volume along with decreasing heartbeat in thebody.Increases water retention in the body due to itshigh reabsorption rate. Physiological Effect
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