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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Globalization and Its Impacts on You double click to change this title text! To What Extent Should Globalization Shape Identity Your identity is what defines you and your characteristics. Some factors that shape you and your identity would be what language you speak, where you are from, your history and ancestry Your identity defines who you are. Some characteristics that shapes your identity is your ethnicity, the language you speak, your history and your ancestry and traditions all play a role in your personal identity and can also play a role in your collective identity. For example expressing your identity can mean having traditional tattoos like the Hawaiian culture to have protection or strength from your ancestors. Your language can identify your culture like for the Inuit have different words for snow and the snowy conditions. The clothes you wear can express identity as well like if you are wearing a traditional kimono you are expressing your passion for Japanese culture. In some cases like the Lubicon Cree they had a negative effect on their culture through globalization. With their land being taken over from the government for the oil sands to take place. They couldnt express their culture or take part in traditions such as hunting because their forests were being cut down. 1.3 1.5&1.6 Economically globalization has influences us through the power of transnational corporations. Since the industrial revolution successful corporations have had much power throughout the world. Through economic globalization we have become very interdependent with other countries which have increased trade between nations. Transnational corporations have, and are still big on outsourcing because of the benefits that it comes with. The goods and materials that are produced are cheaper and they are much cheaper to produce. Also that since it is cheaper they can sell it for more without the prices being unreasonable and they can still make a profit. With the developing countries they have jobs and they can help their families thrive. Socially globalization has increased communication throughout the world and let people be able to know what is going on from across the world just sitting on the couch. Even though technology was used to increase connections around the world people can argue that it has only made us more isolated from other people. People can also argue that through communication and technology that it Is only making us examples of hybridization because through globalization it has made us be able to contact every culture in the world and is also making people throughout the world be more and more alike and an example of this is the universalization of pop culture. Now our world follows one pop culture and through this the pop culture has lots of influence on us and has a lot of power. Minority cultures are being assimilated into other alike culture which is making us come closer to hybridization as well. Environmentally globalization has had the biggest negative effect on our planet because as transnational corporations become more and more powerful the environment becomes less of an issue when in reality it needs to be a priority and with people trying to stop transnational corporations with pushing them to pay the extra they just outsource their work to developing countries where they dont have environmental issues because they want to get out of poverty first and with the transnational corporations giving them money and income it helps both countries. But they are the number one factor in the environmental decline in the world. They are releasing greenhouse gases into the air causing global warming which is eventually going to have the world in a panic and will stop all trade in the world if we dont do something now. Opportunities Challenges Improves quality of lifeMajor advances in technologyPeople can promote and affirm their cultureInterdependence between countriesLots of different ideas and traditions from other cultures can help your culture become stronger collectively Cultures can become too alike and become homogenized as one culture.Culture diversity becomes less and lessAssimilation of culturesLanguages becoming westernized losing traditional way of speakingMarginalization having a social disadvantage in society 1.7&1.8
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