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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GlobalContexts Personal & CulturalExpression Fairness &Development Identities &Relationships Scientific & Technical Innovation Globalization & Sustainability Orientation in Space & Time Who am I?Who are we? How can we share the planet? How do we express ourselves? Where are we in place & time? How is everything connected? How does the world work? An exploration of identity; values & beliefs,physical, mental, & spiritual health; exploring human relationships;what does it mean tobe human? An exploration of how we express ideas, feelings, culture values; how we enjoy, reflect on, & extend our creativity; appreciation of the aesthetic An exploration of responsibilities &rights; the ties between communities; sharing resources with others; access to opportunities;peace & conflict resolution An exploration of the laws of nature; interaction between people & natural world; scientific/technologic advances; how the environment & human activity impact each other An exploration of the interconnectednessof human-made systems & communities; links between local & global; the impact of decision making on humankind & the environment. An exploration of histories; homes & journeys; turning points; discoveries; explorations & migrations; relationships between,individuals & civilizations, from multiple perspectives.
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