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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GIVE YOUR BIRDHOUSES FEATHERED FRIENDS A HOME All birds need a home, food, water, shelter, and a place can provide an important source of shelter and an attractive nesting site for birds. Pay atenttion to this facts for give your feathered friendsan awsome place to live in! to raise their young. COLOR The color of your Birdhouse should be light so that the suns raysare reflected rather thanabsorbed. Dark colored birdhouses can overheat on hot days resulting in disastrous effects on the eggs or young birds. Your Birdhouse should provide birds with ample ventilation either through holes at the base of the house and/or slits at the top and sides of the house PROPER VENTILATION DRAINAGE Your Birdhouse should have holes in the bottomof the house so that water will drain out and not accumulate. A sloping roof and overhang will shed rain water off and away from the house CLEANING The top or bottom of your Birdhouse should open to make cleaning the house and monitoring bird activity possible. Watch your Birdhouse, each time a brood is fledged, open up the house and sweep out the old nest, this will increase the chances of additional broods being raised in the same house. HELP THE BIRDS Placing Birdhouses in your yard will help make your property a more attractive environment for nesting birds and youll be helping to conserve bird populations during this critical time of habitat depletion. SIZE The size of the Birdhouse you select anddiameter of the entrancehole will determine whichbirds will likely use your house. An entrance hole 1 1/2 is the most popular all around hole size. MOUNTING Your Birdhouse should be equipped with mounting holes located at the top and bottom of the house. The house needs to be attached to a support. Trees are good places to mount them. PLACEMENT For best results, spread your Birdhouses throughout your yard as much as conditions permit. It is preferable to place the house so that it faces away from the prevailing winds to prevent rain from blowing in. MONITORING ACTIVITY By providing safe nest boxes and monitoring them, you are most likelyhelping the birds to have greater nesting success than they might experience on their own.
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