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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 back/ african american 39.0% whites 9.7% hispanics/Latinos 53.8% other 5.8% In this graph. It shows what race is involved in gangs. As you can see hispanics/latinos are the ones that are involved in gangs the most that any other race in this whole country. There is a majority of boys in a gang than there is of girls. The gang is 80% boys The percentage is for females involved is 9-22%.So therefore the involvement of females in a gang issmaller. Than there is of boys. Statistics -What I see what age gets hit the most is 10-17-The age is more over 18 over than ages under 18.-There is also more hispanics than any other race. Young gangs and Violence. -Young gangs and violence~Gang members are between the ages of 12-24~Most of them are involved in serious and violent crimes.~Males more likely to join gangs than females.~Young gangs are linked with serious crime problems inelementary and secondary schools The fact about gang violence in Chicago is very bad. In fact its terrifying. Facts about Gang Violence Chicago Afganistan 419 259 Activism within the people What i have been doing about this is that I've been putting it on social media. So they could stop this gangviolence.What other people have been doing is doing organizations, fundraisers, and also been arresting the people that are part of this situation.Also anyone very close to the leaders of the gangsand/or the leaders of the gangs. And that has helpeda lot to this community to have more people likethem here in this city. Especially since there has been a lot of killings than any other city in thecountry. what this means is that in afganistan there is a war zone and herethere isn't and we havemore killings than the war zone in afganistan What this graph shows is that the arrests of the age groups there is here.The highest age groupis 19-23
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