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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Talented References Gifted & Student could have a few or many of these characteristics: Scores are compared to test performances of others throughout the nation who are the same age. Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAt) Quantitative tests flexibility and fluency with quantitative symbols and concepts. Tests problem solving in mathematics and other disciplines. Tests verbal, quantitative and non-verbal GATE (Gifted & Talented Education) Program Friend, M. P., & Bursuck, W. D. (2012). Including students with special needs: A practical guide for classroom teachers. (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson. A professional workshop addressing the gifted and talented in the classroom at Sweetwater Union High School District. Discover the GATE Program. CST scores (7th - 9th grades):435 English440 MathReferrals of teachers, parents and counselors Building up the in your classroom Characteristics Testing Verbal tests flexibilty and fluency in verbal materials and solving verbal problems. Reasoning abilities play a significant role in reading comprehension, writing and critical thinking. Services Identification Accommodations Non-verbal tests reasoning with geometric shapes and figures. Students invent strategies for solving problems. Categories K, L, JK: Exceptional intellectual abilityL: Advanced achievementJ: Honor/Accelerated program Extraordinary knowledge due to curiosity. Keen memory.Great ability to concentrate.Learn quickly. Lots of interests.High level of language development & verbal ability.Heighten ability to recognize relationships between ideas.Skilled problem solver.Think abstractly. Initiate projects. Thrive on complexity. Tend to have unusual sensitivity to others.Good sense of humor.Help others.Sense of justice.High expectation of themselves and other.Bossy in groups. Intense interest.Refusal to change subjects. (Friend & Burscuk, 2012) LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) SUHSD GATE Department. (n.d.). Retrieved February 10, 2015, from (SUHSD GATE, n.d) Curriculum compacting Acceleration Enrichment Differentiation Provides a challenging curriculum for students classified as Gifted and Talented. Supplemental and differentiated programs are offered at each school. Support activities at the Middle School include Knowledge Bowl, Math Field Day, Science Fair and Spelling Bee. Support activities at the High School include Academic Decathlon and Academic League. (SUHSD GATE, n.d) Adapted and modified assignments. Differentiation instruction. Skipping a grade.Complete standards for two grades in one year.Accelerated courses in specific subjects. Multiple methods to engage students.Access strengths and needs to create effective materials.Access individual needs construct an individual plan, consider mentors and gain cultural awareness.(Friend & Burscuk, 2012) Access students knowledge and remove instruction already met. Allow students to pursue special interests, study at an advanced level or work with a mentor. Provide student with materials allow them to elaborate on concepts from the curriculum. Emphasis high levels of thinking.Create curriculum centered alternative activities. Provide opportunities to engage advanced thinking. Kristy YauSPE 514 (SUHSD GATE, n.d) (SUHSD GATE, n.d)
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