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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INFOGRAPH1/20/15BRENNA D.C. CARLUS HISTORY WORLD WAR II GERMANY INVAIDS POLAND, START OF WWII Uprising Is Crushed By Spartacist Uprising POLITICAL AFFAIRS WAR BETWEEN THE TWO STATES September 1, 1939 SIGN TREATY OF VERSAILLIES THE FIRST OF GERMANY IS COMPLETED EVENTS THAT LEAD TO Franklin Delano Roosevelt is inaugurated as President of the United States November 11, 1918End of WWIGerman troops evacuate territories, while allies move into the German Rhineland German January 18, 1919Paris peace conferenceto come to terms between the belligerents of World War I. The Washington Naval Conferenceends with the signingof the Washington Naval Treaty to limit all naval forces of the participants 1922 GERMANY AND ALLIED POWERS Polish-Soviet warbegins with borderclashes 1919 Leon Trotsky is expelledfrom the Soviet CommunistParty, leaving Joseph Stalin withundisputed control of the SovietUnion. 1927 The Great Depressionbegins with the wallstreet crash 1929 The Young Plan, which sets the totalWorld War I reparations owed byGermany at US$26,350,000,000 to bepaid over a period of 58 years, isfinalized 1929 France withdraws its remainingtroops from the Rhineland endingthe occupation of the Rhineland. 1930 Nazi leaderAdolf Hitler isappointed ChancellorofGermany byPresident Paulvon Hindenburg. CONSINTRATION CAMP UP IN HITLER MOVES 1933 The Reichstag passesthe Enabling Act,making Adolf Hitlerdictator of Germany. 1933 Germans are told to boycott Jewish shops and buisnesses Germany leaves the League of Nations. 1933 Adolf Hitler orders the German military to prepare to attack Poland 1939 President Roosevelt sends letter to Hitler seeking peace
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