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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Double click to change text introduction martin luther king intodduction intodduction Martin Luther King jr was born on Tuesday 15th of January 1929. He was killed on April 4th 1968 by a white racist by the name Earl Ray . Martin Luther king grew up in a family home at Atlanta, Georgia. He lived with his parents Martin Luther king Sr and Alberta Williams King his grandparents and his two siblings Christen and Alfred Daniel Williams King. Martin Luther King got married in 1953 June 18th to Coretta Scott and had four kids Martin Luther King 3rd ,Dexter Scott King, Yolanda King and Bernice king Martin Luther King went to school at More house College, Crozer Theological Seminary and Boston University, his Mum ,Dad ,Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Benjamin Mays and Jesus Christ influenced him one day At the age of 12 Martin Luther King ignored his mum and went to a festible and when he got home he learned that his grandma had died so he went up stairs to his window and jumped out but sieved .when Martin Luther king was in high school he attended a church contest were he won second place however his victory was round by the bus trip home were black people had to stand so the white people could sit. Martin Luther King Martin Luther King believed that matter what colour of your skin is, everybody should be treated equally and the same, for example everybody should be able to eat at the same restaurants, shop at the same shops ,work at the same business and go to the same sports. Martin Luther King started being a civil rights leader because he sore how badly black people were treated. one of his early memories is a civil rights problem the bus boycott the bus boycott was a problem were a girl called Rosa Parks one day she sat on a seat on a bus and got arrested and a man asked if he could sit thereand she said no an then got arrested martin Luther king did not like that at all . Martin Luther King spoke out to let the American's now and told everyone how he felt and didn't care what everybody thought about it Martin Luther King was not the person that he was all the black people would be slaves and we would not be able to go to the same shops and restaurants business and sports. Interesting facts *martin luther king jr was originally named Michael Luther King Jr.*In 1964, King won the Nobel Peace Prize. At the age of 35, he was the youngest person to ever win the Peace Prize*Martin Luther King Jr. skipped 9th and 12th grade and entered college at the age of 15.*Over 1,000 streets are named after Martin Luther King Jr. *His nick name was MLK.
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