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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I want you more! I want you! even more!! The.World.Is.Your.Playground. CONQUER YOUR POSITION. WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU Email: THE EARTH & IT'S INHABITANTS WANT YOU so.. Geophysics is Now Hiring! Geophysics is Now Hiring! Collect Data Perform Controlled Experiments WHY IS GEOPHYSICS IMPORTANT? APPLY NOW! Bachelors Degree Geology Mathematics Chemistry Engineering starting positionsor graduate work Masters Degree research and exploratory geophysics Doctoral Degree mainly for university instructors Average annual salary range: (as of September 2nd 2014) [1]Salary increases with experience and knowledge C$50,000 - $160,000 Explore and quantitatively analyse the matters thatmake up Earth, its exterior and interior structure, properties, and surrounding space environment to understand natural phenomena. Deal with Earths gravitational and magnetic fields,plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, oceans, natural energysources and many more! Practical Applications ASPECTS GravityHeat flow Vibrations Electricity Electromagnetic waves Magnetism Radioactivity Fluid dynamics Mineral physics Understand Natural Phenomena HOW? WHERE? Navigation and Safety Field Observation maps, GPS, necessary PPE Collection and Storage Equipment Laboratory Observation bins, test tubes, etc. Using scientific principles, math and technology to solve actual problems microscopes, computers (research/data analysis) shovels, radars, gravimeters (earths gravitational pull), magnetometers (magnetic fields) [2] [4] [5] Perform Analysis Seismic methodsGeodesy and gravity techniquesMagnetic techniquesElectromagnetic methods Some Techniques Used: Industry: University/College: (private sector and government agencies) teaching students natural energy (oil and minerals), companies, architects and engineers, archaeologists, economists and many more! Indoors (laboratories/offices) [7] [6] [3] QUALIFICATIONS What's In It For You? Make Observations Outdoors (field work) CURRENT CHALLENGES [8] Created by Shahal Ahmed Ways to safely construct infrastructures, away from potential natural hazardsFinding the causes of climate change and efforts to reduce its impacts and risks Safer transportation and travel Safer mining More accurate prediction of natural disasters Demand for energy resources (finding route to alternative energy)Facing Challenge: transition from fossil to non-fossil fuelsMore accurate study of Earths history and past characteristics -Helped find the energy sources that have driven much of the social and economic advances over the last century-Significant impact on the welfare and safety of society and the planet Solutions to climate change Predicting and tackling natural disasters Safe construction of infrastructures away from natural hazards Safe habitats for animals/marine species -Helped understand Earth's history and past human activities -Advances in GPS, radar and antenna technologies [9]
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