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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Housing Shortage Housing Shortage is present when there is insufficient housing to accommodate the population in an area.This then leads people being homeless. Homelessness Results people in seeking temporary housing.(eg. streets,under bridges or at public parks etc.) Slums and Squatter Settlements Urban areas that are heavily populated,and residents have poor quality housingand poor access to basic services May have developed without permission or not built on land approved for housing.These areas are neglected and often not given adequate provision of basic services Results in Lack of safe shelter When people are without shelter,they are not protected against the weather elements and may be expsoed to strong winds and cold weathers Results in Houses in slums and squatter settlementshave weak foundations and have unstable roofs.Therefore,such houses collapse easily duringa natural disaster. The houses in the slum are built in a dense and disorderly manner.There are narrowpaths with limited access for vehicles.During emergencies such as fires and earthquakes, the residents may not be able to evacuate quickly and thus,rescue efforts are also hampered. Insufficient basic services People often lack access tobasic services such as electricity, clean water, proper sanitation and waste disposal.This is often due to to lack of infrastructure suchas water pipes,toilets and waste management. Cities in the world experiencing housing shortage Los Angeles City and country,California = 47100 homeless individuals New York city,New York =24500 homeless imdividuals San Diego & Country,California = 7000 homeless individuals And many other countries Why does housing shortage occur? Migration Refers to the movement of people from one area to another to take up residence for at least a year.One of the reasons why the urban population isincreasing is that the urban population is increasing rapidly;in other words rural urban migration,the movement of people from rural areas to cities to live and work. High birth rates Competing land use andlimited land supply Slums and squatter settlements Environmental Population Low level of health due to poor living conditions
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